Agreement Power Spray

TDB: The crop where all agricultural products depend on these spray pumps? Which Indian states have the maximum demand for them? While the Modi government appears to be staying away from the populist UPA II map, food grain prices and agricultural subsidies in India are extremely sensitive issues. The reduction of MSM and the reduction of subsidies are unthinkable and nevertheless a political suicide. In addition, farmers` problems are once again making headlines and there are serious question marks about the coming monsoon, and the only conclusion that can be drawn is that the demand for agricultural spray pumps can only go north. Are you ready to bet on the Indian farmer? We offer the superior quality of agricultural hand sprayers, which is usually used to spray a liquid, splash water, pest. For battery-operated agricultural sprayers, they are distinguished according to the battery used. Therefore, their prices and, therefore, their effectiveness vary greatly. TDB: What kind of agricultural spray pumps do you manufacture and what varieties do you import? “Three years ago, I bought a motor-powered backpack syringe (two-stroke engine) made in China for 6,000 rupees. I used it to spray chemicals on the wheat crop on my farm, because we only grow wheat here because the water is salty. For the past three years, there has been no problem with the sprayer.┬áBefore the 2009 parliamentary elections, in order to win over rural voters, the UPA government raised the MSP to a record high for most food grains. While it led to high and sticky food inflation, the big beneficiaries of the move were farmers.

Gupta adds, “Today, many manufacturers only import battery pumps from China and assemble the sprayers here in India.” Another distinctive feature is the plastic body of the liquid tank used in spray pumps….