Quarry Contract Agreement

9.12 Exhibitions. Any exhibition (in one of them) or a “timetable” (as part of a “timetable”) provided under the terms of this agreement must be written and be part of that agreement. The parties may agree, with respect to any timetable or exhibit that is to be attached to it, that this list or issuance, if satisfactory to both parties, may be attached after the date of execution of this plan and before the closing and, after mutual approval of that list or issuance, be treated as if it were attached at the time of execution. All parts and calendars attached for this purpose are explicitly included and included by reference. The terms “convention,” “agreement” and “agreement” used in it include, in all respects, the entireness of this agreement, as well as all the set-ups and timetables provided, as well as all documents that must or may be provided. (b) The parties agree to declare the transactions in this agreement and to allocate the purchase price in accordance with Schedule 2.5, item a), in accordance with Section 1060 of the Code as amended and the permanent and temporary cash regulations provided for there. 9.8 Full agreement. Neither this agreement nor any provision of this agreement can be amended, cancelled, modified, unloaded, amended or terminated orally, but only by a written instrument signed by all parties to that effect. No action taken by a party after the date of this agreement, including, but not limited, to an investigation conducted by or on behalf of a party, can be considered as a waiver of the party taking such measures or compliance by another party of the assurances, guarantees, pacts or agreements contained in this agreement. This agreement, as well as the attached or attached documents and schedules in accordance with Section 9.12, is the only agreement between the parties on the purpose of this agreement and replaces all previous written or oral agreements relating to it.

(g) All co-images and attachments to this agreement have been attached to this agreement or attached in accordance with Section 9.12. 9.16 Waiver. On any date prior to the reference date, each party may extend the period of time for the execution of one of the obligations or other actions of the other parties to be fulfilled in favour of the lenaire, b) waive inaccuracies in the domestic and guarantee grounds of the other parties in this agreement or in a document provided in accordance with that agreement , or (c) waive compliance by the other party whose agreements or conditions meet the right of the waiver part contained in this agreement (to the extent permitted by law). Such an extension or exemption is only valid if it is presented in a document signed in writing by the party or party to the post-JC obligation. The waiver of a party from inaccuracies in the insurance and the guarantee or compliance of the federal state, an agreement or condition in its favour is not considered to be a waiver of other inaccuracies or compliance with other provisions of this Agreement. (b) all consents, waiver declarations, authorizations and authorizations that must be obtained, as well as all declarations or communications that the purchaser, seller and shareholder must make prior to the conclusion of the transaction under this agreement, are obtained by all necessary public bodies and with all necessary authorizations, except for these consents. , waiver declarations, authorizations or authorizations, that the omission would not have a significant adverse effect on the seller before or after the reference date or a material negative effect of the buyer after the reference date or, on a reasonable basis, would be likely to subject the seller, shareholder, mother or buyer or one of their respective related companies, executives or directors to substantial penalties or criminal liability.