Opseu Collective Agreement Lhsc

9.11 All agreements reached in the appeal procedure between representatives of the Centre, representatives of the Union and mourners are final and binding on the parties. Interim workers, regardless of the time worked, receive the salary and percentage in force instead of the benefits provided elsewhere in the agreement. 5.2 If a leave under Article 19 (paid leave) of the collective agreement coincides with a worker`s scheduled day off and does not work on that day, the worker is entitled to a bank transfer on that day instead of leave, the number of hours for a normal or normal extended working day in accordance with point 2 of this agreement. The parties to this agreement intend to encourage the resolution of complaints as quickly as possible and, where possible, without recourse to arbitration. For these reasons, the parties use the mediation and arbitration process, where possible, as required by the Labour Relations Act. Regardless of the above, each party may find that it is better to go directly to arbitration. This part informs the other part in writing. 2.06 The parties agree that the issue of categories of workers excluded in the three collective agreements may be discussed in collective bargaining between the parties, but should not be the subject of collective bargaining or interest rate-setting procedures under the Hospitals Labour Disputes Arbitration Act. The deadlines set by this section are mandatory and strict compliance with these deadlines, unless the parties have complied in writing with the written agreement of the parties, so that the complaint is deemed to be dropped. The parties agree that, prior to the ratification of this leave agreement, any worker who has been granted leave will not receive this leave, with a salary of no more than one week for military service leave. For the purposes of Canadian Forces reserve training, an employee may grant an additional one week`s leave without pay in a fiscal year. As of the date of ratification of this agreement, the classification of regular part-time (TRP) expires and all established enterprises are classified according to the following wage rates, salaries and benefits: the Centre grants an additional redundancy to an additional local official to assist workers and people on the ground in the management of this agreement and the directly corresponding activities of the Union in the administration of this agreement. , and the company directly affected by this agreement if the EU requests it.