Eastern Michigan Articulation Agreement

A student may use the requirements of the articulation guide, which is effective at the time of the student`s first enrollment in a community school, or the requirements of a later articulation guide. If the student does not meet the study requirements within seven years, the student may be asked to have their credits assessed according to a guide or catalogue of more recent articulation agreements. Archived articulation guides can be viewed on this link or via Community College Relations. The Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) was mandated in the fall of 2014 by the Michigan Legislature to replace the MACRAO agreement. The MTA allows the transfer of 30 credits of basic general courses in Michigan to a Michigan bachelor`s college or university. Students can complete the MTA as part of an associate degree or as a stand-alone package. MTA courses are approved by Community College. Yes, yes. Attending a university in addition to a community school does not prevent you from using an agreement. As long as the student has taken or taken courses as part of a community college program that has entered into an articulation agreement with an EMU program, they are eligible. Any student in the community who participates in or participates in a community college program with an active EMU articulation agreement qualifies.

If a student decides not to use an agreement, they should inform us by publishing their “joint use form.” The link “Change the articulation form” is on the left navigation bar. Advice with the EMU Office of Community College Relations and your Community College Counselor is highly recommended so that you can create an alternative university plan. Joint agreements are renewed every three years and may receive minor updates more often. If an articulation agreement is not renewed at the end of their effective period, students who have already started the programme have an additional three years to join EMU in accordance with the agreement. If an agreement mentioned here has passed the deadline for its validity, which is on the last page of the Guide, contact Community College Relations at [email protected] or by phone at 734.487.6577. Students should express interest in an agreement as soon as they have decided to follow an agreement. The sooner we know who you are, the sooner we can help you. Please fill out the short online form to let us know what you are interested in. With more than 140 transfer contracts with community colleges – more than any university in the state of Michigan – Eastern Michigan University has long been considered the most transfer-friendly school for students in the community.

No no. Articulation manuals cover all the courses a student needs to complete both the associate and bachelor`s degrees, but the agreement does not require that each course be completed before a student can be transferred.