Aitc Agreement

(iv) Minor derogations from these minimum durations resulting from regular hours (e.g. B flight frequency) are permitted on a basis, provided that a prior agreement is reached before the start of the trip. (28) An updated version of the agreement between the CCAQ and TIAC, concluded in September 1990, was published as ACC/1991/PER/CM/3 of 11 February 1991 (see Appendix V). (25) A revised agreement with AIIC, which came into force on April 1, 1989 for a five-year period, was concluded in March 1989 and put into circulation at ACC/1989/PER/CM/14 on November 15, 1989. (27) In July 1990, a revised text of Schedule A of the agreement was agreed with AIIC and published in the form of the CCA/1990/PER/CM/20 of 18 September 1990. revised pay rates were set in THE CCA/1990/PER/CM/11 (August 6, 1990). This text of the agreement is in Schedule IV. (24) A revised version of the agreement between the CCAQ and TIAC, the update was published in ACC/1985/PER/CM/1 of February 4, 1985: an updated version was published in ACC/1986/PER/CM/7/Rev.1 of August 1, 1986. (15) During the 37th session (March 1973: CO-ORDINATION/R.984, paragraph 81), ccAQ agreed that the new agreement, to be negotiated with AIIC on 1 January 1974, should provide, in one form or another, for differences on the ground due to the dispersion of the cost of living; these fluctuations could, among other things, eliminate the difficulties associated with exchange rate fluctuations. The Committee agreed that the United Nations, the ILO, WHO, UNESCO and FAO should set up a working group that would provide specific bases for the negotiations and, after approving its proposals by correspondence with other organizations, conduct negotiations with CNA. Any new agreement with AIIC should explicitly state which countries or continents are affected. (31) At its 20th session (CEB/2010/HLCM/HR/35, point 5 to 7), the CEB secretariat informed CNA`s network of THE PROCHAINES negotiations. The network thanked the CEB secretariat for updating and proposed a number of issues to be included in the negotiations, such as treatment.

B Natural Disaster or Pandemic Interpretation Contracts (IMO); New Medical Assessment Agreement (ICAO); agreed to hold the preparatory meeting in the fall and asked the CEB secretariat to propose and disseminate appointments; In addition, it was agreed that the organizations with the name of a co-chair of September 2010. (23) The CCAQ and CNA, effective March 1, 1984, concluded a new five-year agreement. (19) The CCAQ and CNA entered into a new agreement effective January 1, 1979 (excluding rates of pay that came into effect on April 1, 1979).