North Bay Hydro Collective Agreement

CUPE collective agreements cover the following members: The PWU has a proven track record of strong union representation and collective agreements with excellent wage scales, employment security rules, working conditions, pensions and non-work stoppage benefits. That is why we are Ontario`s largest electricity union. Our members work mainly in the production, distribution and transmission of electricity for public and private enterprises. The PWU, one of Canada`s strongest, most democratic and most advanced unions, is a competent and experienced player in the energy sector. The Power Workers` Union (PWU) is a proud Canadian union and by far the largest, most advanced and best performing union in Ontario`s electricity sector. Ontario`s electricity sector has undergone many policy changes over the past 20 years. Predicting these changes, positively influencing them, if possible, adapting them in an innovative and intelligent way – all in a way that creates the most opportunities for sustainable, high-paying, highly skilled jobs, are products of decades of organizational experience in the PWU. The PWU is the largest and best performing union in Ontario`s electricity sector. We take occupational health and safety very seriously within the Power Workers Union.

Our members of the Joint Health and Safety Committee are trained to know what to do when a PWU member needs help. The PWU offers new members, stewards, chief stewards and Health and Safety Representatives, comprehensive union training. Our union is financially strong, based on strong democratic principles and supported by committed, competent and experienced elected officials and support officers. We are committed to creating a bright future for our membership and to continuing to help keep all Ontarians in the clear. CUPE represents more than 39,000 energy workers in Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec and Federal Crown Corporations. They are employed as maintenance craftsmen and technicians, technicians, accountants, administrative assistants, account and registration officers, communications officers, draftsmen, programmer analysts, technologists, high-voltage personnel, technicians, employees, skilled workers, nuclear workers and call centres.