Bouncy Castle Rental Agreement

Great on bouncing employees always carry an accident record. Any accident, even minor, must be recorded in the book and signed by both the tenant and Big on Bouncing. In the event of an accident, please request the accident logbook during the collection of the castle and notify Big on Bouncing as soon as possible so that a written description of the accident can be recorded. I have read the agreement above and I understand and accept the terms as above. I am aware that, under my care, I am fully responsible for the inflatable boat and that I will pay for any loss or damage, but it also implies that the inflatable boat is rendered in an unacceptable condition, i.e. if it is in a dirty or muddy condition, I am expected to pay extra cleaning costs. I checked with the operator that the bouncy castle had been properly constructed and secured. For this reason, please read our participation requirements carefully and sign them when we provide your bouncy castle or other rental equipment. You can download and print a copy of the document by clicking here if you want to take a look before your setting date.

If you have the bouncy castle fixed with metal piles, our company cannot take any responsibility for the damage caused by the maintenance or garden. It is the responsibility of the tenants to clearly mark the location of all reticulation, plumbing or other objects before installation. 18) If the inflatable boat is rented late or at night, the castle should not be used in the dark unless there is enough lighting to illuminate the castle. Please fill any field when you install an inflatable boat and this must be signed by the tenant before leaving the reservation. The person or organization that uses this inflatable equipment is responsible for damage or injury caused by abuse or careless use. . BIG ON BOUNCING LIMITED CAN NOT ACCEPT ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR INJURY OR LOSS SUSTAINED TO ANY PERSONS THROUGH THE USE OF OUR EQUIPMENT. IF YOU ARE NOT SURE, PLEASE CONTACT US. Inflatable is safely in the ground where sandbags are placed safely at anchor pointsThe extension line is untangled (as needed) and safety is hidden out of danger for all. RCD on site, if necessary Two forms of identification seen and noted. Tight inflatable belts and inflated unitDisclaimer – User Guide clearly explained by the driver to the tenantThe inflatable and safety mats have been cleaned and dried (if any) with an antibacterial solution, and the equipment is clean for use.

5) All members of your household must say in your property when we install and disassemble the equipment. We`ll let you know when our delivery drivers are on their way to you. 7) Upon arrival of our staff with Anti-Bac the inflatable and Mats for you. . A responsible adult (from the age of 18) must supervise the inflatable boat at all times! 11) Make sure that no one is admitted with back or neck problems, high blood pressure, joint or bone weakness on the inflatable like any child who feels uncomfortable or has had surgery in the past 12 months.