Cancelling A Vehicle Order Agreement

I currently have a BMW on pcp and the contract expires in March. Since I entered the last year of the agreement, BMW has been chasing me to get a new car with exclusive offers. So 10 days ago I agreed in a hurry to buy a car from pre-ordered stocks already on the way to Germany, which was not built specifically for me, like my car now. However, they told me that I had $2500 in negative equity on my current car and that I had refinanced it. On that basis, this increased the monthly payment by $90 over budget and I decided I`d probably better sell the car privately and settle down and start over with a low monthly payment offer. Am I still able to withdraw my purchase agreement from the car? Since the payments are much more bmw finances have asked for proof that I am waiting to arrive, but I decided that I was no longer interested independent. Do you have any ideas on how to proceed? Thank you Rina Hi, I put myself in a situation. Basically, I paid the down payment for the PCP. The car is a new factory order, so it should last 12 weeks. But because I found a better offer and the fact that this car is already in a car dealership, I changed my mind.

Can I get my deposit back and, if so, if I affect my credit history? I placed an order with BMW 21 days ago, which was changed by email/phone a week ago. Everything was fine and I went to the showroom to discuss the delivery dates and the return of my old vehicle. The next day, I came to work to tell myself that I was facing dismissal. The vehicle was a new vehicle drive, but nothing special in terms of specification. The dealer agrees to withhold the deposit for about 12 months, until I may be able to continue or use the funds against the maintenance of my existing vehicle. Does it look normal or should I worry about them stalking me for something else? Hey, Dave. You can also hunt the central and complain about the way you have been treated. At the end of the day, you signed an order and paid a down payment, so you bought the car. A complaint to their seat about how they do business is the best chance of getting your $200 back, as it seems unlikely that the trader will pay it back on his own.

Good morning, James. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that you will prompt the financial company to comply with the agreement originally announced. All offers have an expiration date, and if the car is not delivered before that date, the offer is not valid. This should be clarified both at the time of the citation and during the order.