Cornwall Council Section 106 Agreement

… The valley and the landscape. The unit has a central gas heating and a double Upvc glazing. Please note that the property has accommodation… The draft agreement in Section 106 is a reference to the act prepared by Council counsel to cover affordable housing. Other contributions, such as education, open spaces, highways and the clauses that cover them, will be added, if necessary. … There are 106 planning agreements under this regime. Please contact Border Housing to learn more about the local login requirements for this… A planning obligation under Section 106 can be amended (amendment to the directive) or can be reduced in two ways: the Council`s first analysis suggests that raising the threshold to 50 units, which currently is 10 units, will likely reduce the number of affordable housing units by about one third per year. The two-bedroom holiday home is divided into three levels and has an agreement according to section 106, which means that it can currently be used only as a holiday/2nd…

Property ref: 3545 Reduced selling price Fixed price subject to section 106 of the agreement. Local interconnection criteria. To be approved by the three sw houses… Planning obligations, often referred to as Section 106 agreements, are a key mechanism in the planning system to make development acceptable, which would otherwise be unacceptable from a planning perspective. They are used to achieve planning objectives, to reduce the impact of development and/or to compensate for losses or damage caused by development. While planning obligations for all types of development are probably not necessary, they can still be requested in case of development of any size or nature. In our pricing and pricing document, you will find a complete list of fees for planning obligations in Section 106 In case 1, a request for agreement may be submitted to the Commission for clear reasons. A fee must be paid, as stated in the document. … 5 years and more than 16 years. Please contact: Cornwall Council Affordable Homeownership Scheme on 01872 326— Please note: Counsel or Legal Service cannot provide legal advice on s106 agreements, you must obtain your own independent legal advice. This is important if you have a mortgage on your property.

For all affordable housing applications, applicants must enter into a Section 106 contract. The objective of this agreement is to ensure that affordable housing is of high quality and that: in Cornwall, the three most common systems of assistance to the local population in the purchase of shared ownership, Shared Equity and Resale Restrictions, are commonly referred to as section 106 agreements, although these may also apply to ownership and shared equity. If you are unsure of the impact of the s106 agreement on you or what the various clauses mean, you should seek the advice of your own lawyer to obtain a draft from the Council. … This well-equipped end of the home terrace, offers a fabulous opportunity for qualified local buyers to acquire a 40% share of this section 106 af … The opportunity to develop a piece of land at Failsworth. The latter is currently awaiting full building permit due to a delay with the section… PROPERTY DESCRIPTION A very well presented lens built on the second floor, two-bedroom apartment that is the theme section 106 agree and is… A 106 section more affordable than average, with two large double bedrooms, west-facing gardens, car parks away from the street, sold at 60% of the… Design conditions should clearly specify the obligations to which the developer/landowner is bound, in order to meet development needs that are not met under the development plan itself.